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Jon’Ric International is one of the leading franchisors of upscale specialty spa experiences. Known for their high quality services and products, Jon’Ric International selectively offers salon and day spa franchises and license agreements for national and international owners. For nearly three decades, they’ve been the global leader in spa development, management and logistics simplification.

Jon’Ric International was founded by CEO Jon’Ric Rando, Ph.D. in 1983 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Since then, Rando has opened many additional locations under the Jon’Ric name, as corporate-owned salons and spas as well as many for independent owners. “When we opened our first spa in June 1983, we were at the right place at the right time in the industry. There were no big-chain accounts yet,” Rando says. “We think our name, Jon’Ric International, had a lot to do with that. It was a unique, cool name that worked.”

“Sometimes a name really can make a difference in a company.”

Multiple business models

Jon’Ric International offers many unique advantages and benefits that are rarely found in the industry. They have nine different business models that franchisees can choose from and or combine in their stores to offer customers the most services at one place.  This makes each and every Jon’Ric location a more viable and competitive business than other salons and spas.

“We will do everything. You can do massage, facial, skincare, haircuts, anything,” Rando says. “The owner of the franchise can cherry-pick what they like.”

“You can custom tailor to the geographic region that you’re in,” he adds. “If you’re building in a shopping centre, you might design it and have it look one certain way. If you’re in an old bank building, you might have it look another different way.”

This unique business model attracts customers and franchise partners alike.  What Jon’Ric International offers franchisees is a one-time and affordable franchise fee and ongoing fixed royalty fees that aren’t tied to a percentage, Rando explains. “We have no advertising fee, no marketing fee, and no management fees. After they pay the franchise fee, that’s it.”

Jon’Ric International is always on the lookout for new franchisees. When evaluating their prospects, they look for people who have grown tired of working a routine 9 to 5 job and are looking for more than just a weekly paycheck.   They want a person who can remove themselves from their comfort zone and take risks to make their business successful. “An entrepreneur is somebody who is not afraid to take risks to reach a reward that is substantial,” he says. “We’re looking for entrepreneurs.”

A franchisee isn’t required to have previous business experience because the company provides them with the necessary training, support and manuals to handle day-to-day operations, and any issues they may encounter.  “We take someone who’s never been an entrepreneur before and give them an A-Z step-by-step manual with what to do, how they do it and what they do next,” Rando says. “We show them the ropes.”

Franchisees are initially supported with a one-week training program they can either take at their headquarters in Florida or are provided with one or two trainers to come to their location if they’re outside the state and have a significant number of staff. “This way they’re not only training the owner, but they can be training the whole staff,” Rando says.

Every six months, Jon’Ric International will send someone from corporate to the franchisee’s location to check on their progress or to make changes or recommendations.  “The beauty of our franchise is you do not have to be somebody who is there 24 hours a day. Many of our owners are absentee owners,” Rando says.

Relaxed at every level

Jon’Ric International employs 14 corporate-level staff and currently operates 56 franchise locations in the United States and 17 internationally.

Rando describes the corporate culture at Jon’Ric International as easy-going. Franchisees are encouraged to duplicate that atmosphere, and foster a relaxed work environment. “It comes second nature to us,” Rando says.  “We have a collective mix of staff – from business men in finance to beauty professionals and marketing people. There’s no glass ceiling in our companies.”

Technology also comes second nature to Jon’Ric International, and constitutes an important part of their unique business model. They incorporate sophisticated software and computers that run the business and keep track of everything. They also utilize numerous security cameras in each facility for safety, and for absentee owners to monitor their spas when they’re a “million miles away,” Rando says.

In addition, they remodel every four or five years to stay current with technological advancements in the beauty industry. “Advances are happening every six months with new inventions and tools, new styling equipment – the actual hardware, stations, chairs, floors and lighting – all that is constantly evolving,” Rando says.

American dream

At the moment, Jon’Ric International adds four to six new locations domestically every year. Overseas, their growth is even more substantial with locations in South America, Europe, the Middle East and India popping up frequently. “We took the initiative to grow our company and bring the American dream to other countries,” Rando says. “Every country outside of the U.S.A, for the most part, loves American brands, American products and the American know-how.”

“They’re excited and very interested to bring a part of America to them,” he adds. “Our greatest growth opportunity is overseas.”

Looking ahead longer term, Rando sees their expansion plans doubling in size. To help them reach the next level, they are looking at bringing in additional investors and partners to elevate Jon’Ric International as a global leader in spas and salons. “A smart business man knows when he’s brought his company as far as he can, and now it’s time to bring in people more qualified at taking a successful business to the next level,” Rando says.

“We’re ready to partner with bigger groups to take what we’ve done in the last 30 years and make that happen a lot quicker in the next 30 years.”