Qualicare Family Homecare

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Providing the full spectrum of Homecare

            After Wayne Nathanson’s father was diagnosed with ALS, he we went through a number of caregivers and nurses until Wayne’s wife Andrea, a registered nurse, took over. After providing her expertise and experience in his care till he passed, the Nathanson’s realized the need for a comprehensive homecare system with well-trained nurses.

Receiving a growing number of inquiries, the Nathanson’s founded Qualicare in 2001 as an advanced case management company, eventually adding homecare services a few years later. By 2010, the company had grown significantly and found much success in their methods, leading them to franchise Qualicare and expand it nationally.

During the set-up of their franchising system was when the founders met and hired Nathan Webber, a member of the private equity firm they working with. Webber, who is now the Vice President of Qualicare’s Business Development, had done extensive research in the homecare industry and was really moved by the distinctiveness of Qualicare’s 360 case management plan.

Franchising Qualicare

With incredibly high standards, the Nathanson’s worked hard to ensure that each and every one of their franchises would maintain the same values and levels of service as the original. “The core of have a successful Qualicare franchise is ensure that every franchisee has a nurse that is trained at the head office in the 360 case management program,” says Webber.

Brining in new franchisees is a unique process, where existing franchise owners have to approve new members before they come into the system. This maintains a close-knit Qualicare family, as well as giving franchise members control and influence to how the network grows. With over 53 units up and running, Qualicare can be found all across Canada and now in the United States.

Franchisees also experience on-going support from the Qualicare home office, who provide business support and training for all aspects of the business set up, from licensing, marketing and hiring new staff. This close attention to detail has resulted in the business receiving at least 20% higher franchisee satisfaction ratings in each category when compared to their competitors.

360 Case Management

“After researching over 65 homecare brands in Canada, and looking at every aspect of the business from structuring, the software platform and the business model, I really found Qualicare a step above the rest,” says Webber.

The main differentiator he says lies in the 360 Case Management program, which allows franchisees to over more services than any other competitor and allowing them more revenue streams as well as the ability to help people in the best possible way.

Qualicare patients receive the highest quality and most comprehensive continuum of homecare services by providing companionship; personal care and medical skilled services with full care management by a qualified nurse. The 360 Case Management healthcare services provides clients with whatever they may need, including physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, occupational therapy, and massage. The franchise also provides a concierge style of case management to ensure the entire family’s needs are considered, something that no other homecare service provides.

Creating a Niche

As the only true full spectrum homecare provider, the industry is beginning to take notice of Qualicare. “A year ago we were to small to be taken seriously, but after receiving great reviews from our franchisees, we have gotten a lot of exposure,” says Webber.

Eventually exposure, success and expansion has led the business to be ranked number 1 in terms of medical homecare by Forbes as well as 1 in the list of emerging brands by the Franchising Business Review. With the growing number of happy franchisees and patients, the industry is beginning to regard Qualicare as a serious force to be reckoned with.

“While we greatly appreciate the media attention around our brand, what really gives us the most satisfaction is hearing positive reviews from our franchisees,” says Webber.

Changing the Face of Homecare

While the business is still in its growth and expansion phase, its main focus is currently North America. By focusing heavily on Canada and the United states and cementing their position in the industry here, the company hopes to slowly make their way into the international market.

By banking on their unique 360 Case Management health services and continuing to provide the best possible support to all their franchisees around Canada in the United States, Qualicare is on its way to transforming the homecare industry.