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Welcome once again to Business World Magazine, where

we showcase the very best in business excellence across

North America.

As the cover indicated, in this edition we are fortunate

enough to feature TDIndustries and MQN Architecture &

Interior Design. The former is one of America’s premier

mechanical construction and facility service companies,

with a history dating back 70 years, and a portfolio that

includes a number of skyline-altering projects throughout

the United States. The latter is one of the leading archi-

tectural firms in Canada, and the company behind some

of the most innovative and sustainable design projects in

BC. We talked to both companies about the values driving

everything they do, and we dived deep into some of their

recent acclaimed projects.

This time out we also turned our spotlight to the retire-

ment living sector, where the historic Cross Keys Village

is a longstanding and renowned leader. Founded in 1908,

they have grown to be the largest single-site non-profit

community in Pennsylvania, all while remaining at the

forefront of the industry. For the keys to their continuous

improvement – and in particular, how they are leading the

way in employee engagement – read on.

Furthermore, our focus on cities that are open for busi-

ness continues with a look at Grover Beach, California. To

tell their story, we spoke to City Manager Matthew Bron-

son, who walked us through the beachfront community’s

massive appeal for tourism, business and development,

as well as its emerging status as the commercial cannabis

centre of the Central Coast.

For those stories – and many more, this month and the

months and years to come – keep reading.

All the best,

The Editorial Team

We will keep

adding business

units that enhance

our offering and

separate us from

our competition.


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