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Aluminum expected to accelerate worldwide

adoption of electric and self-driving vehicles

Material takes on an ever-widening role in tomorrow’s vehicles

For more than a decade, concerns about

fuel efficiency have been encouraging

OEMS to replace steel with aluminum

on vehicle bodies, doors, trunks, hoods,

bumpers, crash boxes, brakes, cables and

wheels. With the advent of electric and

autonomous vehicles, OEMs worldwide

are discovering new uses for aluminum.

The need for battery casings and heat

exchangers in electric vehicles, combined

with autonomous vehicles’ demands for

high visibility and structural integrity, is

expected to exponentially increase the

use of sheet aluminum in tomorrow’s

cars, trucks and buses.

Supporting the transition to battery-powered vehicles

Four major design challenges confront OEMs in their transition to electric vehicles.

Extending vehicle range

Improving battery and passenger


Increasing passenger comfort

Optimizing cooling systems for lithium-ion


The substitution of sheet aluminum for steel helps resolve OEM concerns.